30 things you should definitely do in Moscow!

1. To lie down on the Red Square. Lying, of course, is not necessary, but it’s worth coming here. This place is the heart of the capital and the center of historical events in the ancient history of Russia. Red Square is located next to the Kremlin, which is also worth a visit. Opposite the Kremlin there are historical mall, now GUM, the former famous Soviet store. Also, there is the world famous St. Basil the blessed Cathedral, which is now also available for viewing.

2. To visit Grocery Store No. 1 in GUM, eat Soviet ice cream and drink Soviet soda. GUM is one of my favorite places in the city, despite the constant flow of tourists. Soviet traditions are preserved here. In here you can still buy Soviet condensed milk or milk in a triangular bag, drink Soviet soda with syrup or eat a glass of ice cream, watch a movie or eat in the budget Festival Cafe.

3. To walk along the main avenue of VDNH and visit the Cosmos pavilion. One of the coziest places in Moscow, in my opinion, despite its enormous size. This is a monument to the people and country of that time. Amazing ensemble, awesome idea and fascinating story. It is especially pleasing that in recent years, VDNH has been gradually tidying up, the pavilions are being restored to their original appearance. Be sure to turn off the main avenue and you will find a unique pavilion or place that you did not know about. And if you wish and have time to spare, visit the Cosmonautics Museum at the entrance to the park.

4. To climb to the Ostankino tower. This is the main television and radio broadcasting tower of the country, from where broadcasting up to digital television took place. In the tower you can visit an excursion, climb to a height of 337 meters and enjoy the view of the city, somewhere the floor has glass tile, which makes me dizzy. Tickets are best bought in advance. There is also a cafe in the tower.

5. To view the city from the 89th floor of Moscow City. A panoramic view of the city opens from the Federation Tower. There is also an ice cream factory upstairs, where you can eat icecream in any quantity. For me, the view is more beautiful at night.

6. To marvel at the Egyptian tombs in the Pushkin Museum. State Museum of Fine Arts named after A.S. Pushkin is one of the largest museums in Moscow, the exhibition of which includes the art of the ancient world, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the New Age, the Boundary of 19-20 centuries. I periodically come here for the collection of objects of Ancient Egypt and ancient sculptures. Also, temporary exhibitions are constantly held here.

7. To watch a space movie in the Moscow planetarium. And not only! In the Moscow planetarium you can visit the Museum of the Planetarium and the history of space exploration, the Observatory, the Lunarium with various experiments and the Astronomical site. It was the 13th planetarium in the world, and now the building is considered unique and classified as an architectural monument of constructivism.

8. To take a walk in the Kolomenskoye park. This is the royal residence where Alexei Mikhailovich lived, and that Peter I and Catherine II visited. The Ascension Church was built by Italian architects and cannot but cause admiration even for a person who is not close to art. The wooden palace of Alexei was restored in 2010, and although this copy, in my opinion, is not accurate, everyone should form their own opinion on this matter.

9. To enjoy the work of the Peredvizhniki in the Tretyakov Gallery. This is the country’s most famous gallery with a huge collection of works by Russian artists. You will see everything that took place at school program in the original. For those who do not like classics, the gallery has a collection of Vrubel, so beloved by me, who seems to if not delight but surprise anyone.

10. To visit the restored Tsaritsyno ensemble. Another royal estate built for Catherine II by architects Vasily Bazhenov and Matvey Kazakov. The style of the estate is unusual – pseudo-Gothic, because of which, according to rumors, Catherine did not like it. Here I prefer the park complex itself rather than the restored interiors. It is especially pleasant to listen to a classical music concert or opera in such an environment.

11. To walk around one of the factory territories renovated for art space (Depo, Artplay, Flacon, Hlebozavod, Trekhgornaya manufactory, Vinzavod). This is a great way to see the city’s creative or contemporary hangout. Now these territories are filled with all kinds of galleries, workshops, shops of Russian designers, cafes, training spaces, coworking and offices. A lot of events take place here, you can meet unique people or find unique things.

12. To take a photo with the Worker and Collective Farm Girl. This unique sculpture was designed by the world famous sculptor Vera Mukhina for an international exhibition in Paris, and then transported to Moscow and installed at VDNKh. By 2009, it was restored after many years of inappropriate care and was installed on the partially recreated pavilion of the USSR for the exhibition in Paris. This is truly a symbol of the USSR and the whole era.

14. To take a walk in Gorky Park. The park appeared in 1923 for the first VSHV long before the construction of VDNH. The park is unique in that the greatest Soviet architects of those years, known throughout the world, worked on it. In 2011, reconstruction began in the park, which practically launched the process of updating parks throughout the city, and then the country. Now it is one of the most modern and pleasant parks in Europe.

15. To climb one of the Stalinist skyscrapers. These are truly unique buildings in which everything has been thought out from a handle to a location. This is a milestone in the history of the country and the city. From 1947 to 1957, 7 high-rise buildings were built in Moscow and foundation for 8th was started, on the site of which the Rossiya Hotel was later built, and now Zaryadye Park is located.

16. To take a photo on the bridge in the Zaryadye park. This park was opened on the site of the former Rossiya Hotel in 2017. Around the park, disputes still do not subside about the history of the place, about the rationality of such a project, about the budget, etc. However, the fact is the fact: the park has become a new point of attraction for tourists and residents of the city and has opened up completely new views and perspectives of the city that I personally like.

17. To dance until the morning in one of the clubs in Kitai Gorod. This is a historically hot spot in Moscow, with a high density of cafes, clubs and restaurants. It seems to me that anyone will find a place here to spend Saturday night.

18. To admire the view from the Vorobyevi gori. This observation point of the city was formed on one of the hills of Moscow on the banks of the Moscow River. It offers a wide panorama of the city and this is one of the most visited places in Moscow. But I like the small observation deck very nearby, next to the RAS building and the Leninsky Prospekt metro station.

19. To listen to Rachmaninov or Tchaikovsky at a concert at the Moscow State Conservatory. Of course, you can choose anyone from Russian composers who you like. Russia is the birthplace of talented musicians and beautiful music! You have a chance to listen to it performed by the best musicians in classic historical halls. It’s worth it!

20. To go to a ballet in the Bolshoi Theater or a classic play in the Maly Theater. Of course, both of these theaters deserve attention! … However, we are all different, and we have our own preferences, but I’m sure you will find the performance to your liking in one of them. My choice is classical ballet on the main stage. You will meet the best ballet school in the world and the beautiful interiors of the historical scene of the city.

21. To get lost in the streets around the Patriarch’s Ponds. This is one of the oldest districts of Moscow, partially preserving the layout, street silhouettes and old houses. They are cozy, cute and lively. Now it is one of the most expensive places in Moscow with the most fashionable restaurants and salons.

22. To see the house of Melnikov and / or the commune house. The whole world knows these buildings. They are a living confirmation that once in history we were ahead of the planet in architecture. For the sake of them people come from other cities and countries. They are unique in form, construction and plan, in what way of life they created.

23. To play Soviet slot machines (arcades). Even if you did not live in the USSR, you can plunge into the atmosphere of that time and have fun. Here, Soviet tokens are still issued and Soviet soda can be drunk. Slot machine Tir is my favorite.

24. To walk along the Kitai Gorod wall. Once the city began with the Kremlin, then the area outside grew and began to be called Kitai Gorod, then it was already overgrown with the White City. Each city had its own walls. The remains of the Kitai Gorod walls have survived to this day, you can even walk along one of them.

25. To visit Andronikov and Novodevichy monastery, try its pastries. These monasteries are associated with the most important events in the history of the city. In Andronikov monastery there is the oldest building in Moscow – Spassky Cathedral, completed by 1357. Andrei Rublev participated in his painting. Novodevichy monastery was a place of confinement for many royal people, it is surprisingly beautiful and protected by UNESCO.

26. To walk along Prechistenka and Ostozhenka. These two historical streets of the city have well preserved their appearance. It is almost the largest concentration of estates and noble houses here.

27. To meet the Russian holiday in Moscow. Plan your trip during one of the Russian traditional holidays: Maslenitsa, New Year, Easter, etc. At this time, festivals are held in the city, streets are decorated.  Join the festivities and take part in one of the Russian amusements!

28. To visit the most beautiful metro stations! The first stations to be opened were the Sokolnicheskaya Line in 1935. The most beautiful ones for me remain Komsomolskaya and Kievskaya. Visit the canteen at the Voykovskaya station or the Soviet Buffet at Arbatskaya station (blue line).

29. To go on an excursion to Mosfilm. This is the Museum of the Russian film studio, which has already become a symbol of the era. Most of the most famous Soviet films were shot in its pavilions. You will be led through the halls of the studio, shown modern filming and props from famous Soviet films, as well as the whole streets built for filming in the open air.

30. To take a ride on the tram 39 (now tram A). Its route is like a tour through the entire city center from the metro Universitet to metro Chistye Prudy.

P.S. Chat with people! Of course, there are different people everywhere, but I always meet enthusiastic residents who love their city, ready to help to find the way or tell the story of their house, where they were born or raised!