DIY Christmas tree

Today is the first day of december and winter at the same time! The Christmas is coming!!! Our city is being decorated for the winter holidays. And every house get it’s own Christmas tree. But what if you don’t want a traditional tree ? And what if you still want to have a Christmas mood? You can do an original Cristmas tree by yourself! As a year ago I will tell you about one of the trees that you can do yourself.

Today I decided to make a Christmas tree of plywood. The main idea was to made it of plywood panels grid cut in form of cone. First of all I made a 3d model and parted it into separated pieces. It also helped to prepare special chanels to connect pieces. Than I drew pieces with chanels on the plywood panel and cut them with electric jigsaw. The last step was to grind pieces. To gather it you may need a hummer.

And you got it, an original Christmas tree that you can decorate as you wish!




img_6056-4 img_6064-3 img_6077-4                img_6080-4