DIY Jenga (home board game) made of plywood

Do you like board games? I do but not all of them.) I always loved Jenga, the game by Leslie Scott where you build a tower of 54 wood block and then every player removes one block in a time and places it on the top of the tower to keep it standing. But every time when I was ready to buy Jenga I realized that it consist of just several pieces of wood. So I decided to do it myself. I cut plywood panel into 56 blocks (to make it possible build tower of 3 in a row or 4 in a row blocks). Then to add more variations to the game I drew several of blocks with feathers (it’s just a sarcasm on their not bearing function :)) and covered all of them with varnish. Now we can add rules about what one must do if he will remove block with feather (remove one more block, for example). May be all blocks are not exactly identical but they are handmade! Let’s have fun!

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