New lecture writing down system

My students don’t like to write down lectures. Of course, they try and do, but don’t like)) And my discipline (Modern architecture) is so not writable. I talk about different tendencies, trends, directions and styles, tell them names, show them pictures…I believe that it’s not what you want to write down. But I want to be sure that they let this information trough them and that some of it remains in their memory. So I decided to run an experiment and gave to students special form for writing down the lecture. It is a A3 format sheet of paper divided to a number of cells, which students can fill as they wish. But the rule is that at the end of the lecture the sheet should be full. You can see the result.))


imag0710-3 imag0734-3imag0711-3

imag0716-3 imag0723-3