Touristic map of Yauza river in Moscow

What to see in Moscow? And what to visit? I think this question is asked not only by tourists but sometimes even by some citizens.

I love to walk around the city and even more to ride my bike, to find different buildings and places. During the last four years I saw so many places that I decided to share my knowledges with you.  I am going to create handdraw excurtions of different Moscow neighborhoods, that will show best Moscow attractions for tourists and citizens.

And here is my first touristic map of Yauza river. I rode along it’s embankment 35 km from confluence of the Yauza river to Moscow river to the Sviblovo region. This map contains the most interesting places that are worth to visit.


And also I made a GoPro video of my trip for those who want to have a trip, but don’t want to leave the house:-))


And please feel free to ask me questions about this root and share your impresions with us if you’ve had this trip already!