Design idea for meeting space in the office

As a result of multiple researches and brainstormings for creative rigid office space design I came out with the idea of a new type meeting space, that I called PROSCHA.

This meeting space is for open spaces or group offices. It is an accumulation of soft tubes of different diameters, which are a separator between the office and the meeting area that at the same time keep some visibility and freedom of air and light distribution. Upholstery of the tubes and their location improve the sound absorption of the zone. And the design of the tubes can be completely different. In the center in the form of the same tubes of a wider diameter, but low, poufs are placed. Additionally, the meeting area can be equipped with a table and additional lighting. This is practically a meeting booth that does not require additional engineering systems.

Such space will make it easier to have quick meetings and it does not take up much space, does not require special expenses for engineering systems and diversifies the office space, it also can be expandable or mobile.