DIY Twister

For a New Year  family dinner I was looking for a game that we can play together. So I remembered Twister. But what architect will buy a thing that he can make himself. 🙂 Especially when you have so many paints as me.

All I needed was a white sheet, that I bought in Aushan. The size of the standard Twister field is 130-140 cm per 160-180 cm. So I bought the smallest sheet 154×214 cm in size. The sheet has an advantage. It is not slippy, but it is not easy to clean.

As I decided to create this game by myself I also decided not to use circles but to draw capitals of columns of four types. But I painted them with the same colours as in classical Twister to make it easier for kids.

The second part of the game is a roulette. I drew it on the piece of paper (30×30 cm)  with markers and glued on the foam board 1 cm thick. In the center I fixed an arrow of the same foam board with a screw and a screw-nut.

It took several days but it was worth it.