Here is my last concept idea!

SHELDOM is a new layout type concept for residential house.

It represents the traditional house space-planning structure inside out.

In the traditional layout there is a central communicational space and all rooms are blocked around it and have the entrance from it. There can be passages between rooms too.

In this concept central communication is like unfolded and on the contrary surround all rooms, creating common corridor.

So rooms are separated. Each one is like an isolated, (discrete, individual, single, particular) dwelling cell. Such layout provides privacy of bedrooms that have windows only with courtyard view. Other living rooms are open and have windows all around. Room’s orientation and place allow natural light in the morning in all rooms and evening light only in living room and dining room.

Also this layout provides access to the courtyard from the corridor and not from the any other room.

On the junction of functional and bioclimatic decisions new aesthetic with vivid memorable form was born. The geometry of simple lines and circles can be recognized from the façade. The volumes of the house clearly define inner functions. Dome roof of every room increase inside space, add more natural light and create attractive silhouette.